About Us

Do you want to get in a great shape and don’t know where to start?


Hello, we are Noah and Loly.

It has been two years since we started to learn how to live a healthy life. We were overweight – hard to imagine, isn’t it? But yes, we were!

We wanted to be fit, have dream bodies and be healthy. All the possible and popular options like gym, personal trainer etc seemed so expensive and time consuming especially for the two working professionals. So we decided to start with something that would give us the freedom to have our own schedule, something that would allow us to exercise whenever we had free time. 

So, what we did was to change our diet, switching to healthy eating habits, and to start rope skipping – cheap, convenient, easy. Soon after starting rope skipping we began to see real results of how our bodies started to change, we realized that this is actually a product that does not have a substitute. Yes, at the beginning we thought it would serve us as a starting point, but it has been two years since we have engaged in rope skipping and not only, we did not change our routine, but never have we felt this healthier or happier before.

Our body transformation was unbelievable. Friends and family started to ask for recommendations. Our community started to increase rapidly, so we thought why not share our success story to the public? You also have a chance to transform your body into a dream figure without additional effort.

Believe us, it’s worth trying!

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