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Smart Jumping Rope

Made for Healthy Lifestyle

Smart Jumping Rope

A full body workout helps boost your immune system and improves muscle engagement. Daily rope jump improves coordination and balance. Besides, it strengthens bone density , therefore reduces leg injury risk. Burn calories and enhance breathing efficiency, mental health and posture! 

Increased Muscle Engagement

Improved Cardio

Burn Fat Fast

Improved Heart & Cardiovascular Health

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Smart Jump Rope
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SIGNATURE Pro - Limited Edition

Smart Handles
High quality handles with LCD screen, high-precious magnetic sensor, accurate 3 core data recording, 
Rope Free Balls
Made for perfect Silent Jumping, rope free jumping needs less space compared to the regular rope skipping and it's 100% quiet
Adjustable Rope
with 300 cm long at its maximum
Workout Anytime & Anywhere
Compact size allows you to carry it everywhere you go.
Workout anywhere: at home, gym, office, parks, picnics, etc. 
Rope Skipping

Burn Calories Faster

Most Effective Exercise

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Final Day
 50% OFF

LIMITED OFFER - Grab one while you still can

$34.99 USD


Smart Jumping Rope
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